Bat Tour Rules

For Your Safety & Best Viewing Experience for All

  • If you are handicapped please inform a guide at the cave. Handicapped parking and accessibility are available. If you are unable to make the 200 yard walk up the hill, someone in your party may drive you up after the walkway has cleared.
  • Entrance fee collected to view bats from ticket booth or top of the hill.
  • No yelling/load noises; bats won’t come out if noisy!
  • No smoking, no guns, no slingshots & no fireworks!
  • Consumption of alcohol or drugs is prohibited on property!
  • No pets allowed! Pets not allowed up at the cave (for their protection!)
    • It’s best to leave pets at your lodging;
    • But if you already have your pet with you, please inform a guide, arrangements can be made to leave someone in your group with your pet in the parking area
  • Don’t throw rocks! Damage to bats, cave environs, or other guests will result in your being asked to leave with no refund.
  • Don’t touch, pick up or try to catch the bats!
  • It is against the law to harm or kill bats!
  • Stay in viewing areas; behind fences & signs.
  • When scientists are doing bat research please stay outside of the designated areas!
  • Please respect the guides, the bats & others!
  • Don’t touch the historical objects!

Enjoy this awesome experience of nature!

Click here for a printable sheet of these rules

Remember we can’t control when the bats come out; please be patient!

Please follow all rules, or you will be asked to leave the ranch with NO refunds!

If the bats don’t fly on your tour, guides will offer a rain check