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July 16, 2006 – Boston Globe Newspaper
‘Batty’ – Article on our Free-tailed Bats

July 16 & 17, 2006 – Animal Planet was here filming for a New Series that Began Jan.19, 2007

‘Ms Adventure’ – starring Rachel Renstra (a former stand up comic) Our main guide Bain Walker who has been leading the Bat Tours since 1998 was on the show with her.

Bain took her rappelling into the cave, then they suited up, went down inside to see the bats on the ceiling wall, then she interviewed & asked him questions while the bats were flying out.

Several of the tourists watching the filming & bat flight got autographs & photos with ‘Ms Adventure’.

Look for the Series ‘Ms Adventure’ – Fridays at 8pm Central Time.

Bain & the Frio Cave Bats were on the segment called “Cliques” (as in Herds, Flocks, Colonies) Bain did a great job & the filming was awesome!

The Animal Planet web site has a schedule on when it will air again, also photos & videos you can see.


ECHOLOCATION and how it works

echolocationBats send out sound waves using their mouth or nose. When the sound hits an object an echo comes back.

The bat can identify an object by the sound of the echo. They can even tell the size, shape and texture of a tiny insect from its echo.

Most bats use echolocation to navigate in the dark and find food. But, bats are not blind.

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Contrary to Rumors the Frio is Not Dried up!

Check out this video on YouTube
Showing there is still lots of clean, clear, cold water in the Frio River, plus many other fun things to do.
Watch for our Nature Center & the amazing Frio Bat Flight!


Super-secret ‘bat bomb’ project from South Texas caves might have ended WW II’ –
Article & Video clip by Randy Beamer of WOAI TV in San Antonio Nov. 19, 2010


ABC News Nightline

ABC News Nightline – 3D Film ‘The Extreme Nature of Bats’ On October 30, 2009 3D film maker Greg Passmore was featured on the ABC News program Nightline to discuss his current production ‘The Extreme Nature of Bats’. Here is a link to the story. PassmoreLab is now actively distributing The Extreme Nature of Bats […]

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August 2009 Issue of Texas Highways Magazine

August 2009 Issue of Texas Highways Magazine ‘From Dusk Till Dawn, Batting Around Texas’ – Article page 40 by Nola McKey and Photos by Larry Ditto Frio Bat Flight Tours, managed by Hill Country Adventures, hosts the second-largest bat population in the world, as well as hundreds of tourists March through September.

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